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What is USB Power Delivery?

    IMPORTANT: Not all cameras have the USB Power Delivery feature. Check your operation manuals for details.

    USB Power Delivery (USB PD), is a fast-charging industry standard that enables high-speed charging with variable voltage by using intelligent device negotiation. This allows devices that are USB PD capable to adjust voltage and current to the device requirements. USB PD devices provide enough power to operate the camera while consuming little if any, battery power. This allows, for example, extended periods of time for USB streaming.


    • A commercially available USB Power Adapter is required (cameras use up to 9V/3A - 27 watts).
    • If the camera is not USB Power Delivery capable, then the supplied battery will discharge with USB Streaming activated.
      • There are accessories, such as the Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi-Battery Adaptor Kit or a commercially available adaptor, that allow continuous power delivery through the battery compartment of the camera.