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How to replace ear fitting supporters on the LinkBuds

    The tap detection function, Bluetooth® pairing, or sound quality can be affected if you don't wear the LinkBuds properly or the ear fitting supporters are not correct for your ears. They may also fall out or feel uncomfortable during use.

    Medium-sized (M) ear fitting supporters are attached to the LinkBuds at the time of the purchase. If they are too big or too small, select a different fitting supporter to help the LinkBuds fit better and feel more comfortable. We recommend starting with the larger sizes and working your way down to the smaller sizes until you find the best fit.

    Note:  The best fitting supporter may be different for each ear.

    Watch this video or follow the instructions to replace the fitting supporters.

    Steps to replace the ear fitting supporters

    1. Gently raise the fitting supporter and remove it from one side of the LinkBuds.
      Note: Be careful not to pull the fitting supporter forcibly.
    2. Select a different size fitting supporter and align the protruding part of the LinkBud with the cutout on the fitting supporter (A). Make sure to insert the fitting supporter completely.
    3. After attaching the fitting supporter, check that there is no movement on the LinkBuds. (Shake your head back and forth.)
      Note: If they fall off or move in your ears when you shake your head, select a different size.
    4. Repeat the procedure for the other side.