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New Android 13 software available for Xperia 10 III

    Software build number

    • Xperia® 10 III: 62.2.A.0.533

    This system software update features

    Update your device

    • Check your device's current software version:
      1. When a software update is available, the Refresh icon appears in the status bar.
      2. Go to and tap SettingsAbout phoneBuild number.
    • To download and install a system update from the Notification panel
      1. If you're using a device with multiple users, make sure you're logged in as the owner.
      2. Drag the status bar downwards to open the Notification panel.
      3. Scroll down, select the wanted system update, tap the item, and tap UPDATE.
      4. When the download is finished, open the Notification panel again; if it's closed, tap RESTART.

    Why hasn't my device received an update yet?

    Software updates are released at different times depending on the carrier, market, or country. Therefore, we can't give you an exact date for when a specific update will be available for your device. In addition, network operators and specific markets may choose not to use the updates for specific models.