Article ID : S1Q0072 / Last Modified : 04/14/2005Print

Information about DVD+RW 8cm Disc Wide Mode Playback

    Dear Valued Sony® DVD Handycam® Camcorder Customer:

    A limitation has been identified that affects the playback of content recorded in wide mode (16:9 aspect ratio) on DVD+RW 8cm discs using the following Sony DVD Handycam Camcorders:

    • DCR-DVD7
    • DCR-DVD92
    • DCR-DVD103
    • DCR-DVD203
    • DCR-DVD403

    When playing back content recorded in wide mode on DVD+RW discs the picture may appear squeezed (display in 4:3 aspect ratio). This is caused by the DVD+RW Video format. Most DVD Players cannot automatically detect the wide mode format of these discs and will display the content using a 4:3 aspect ratio.

    There are three options available to play back this content in the wide mode format. These options are as follows:

    • Change the aspect ratio manually on the television that is being used for playback. For a widescreen television (16:9 aspect ratio), set the television to "Full" mode. For a standard television (4:3 aspect ratio) set the television to "Wide" mode.
    • Connect the Sony DVD Handycam Camcorder directly to the television and use it as the playback device. The camcorder will properly display the image in wide mode.
    • If you have a personal computer, rewrite the recorded content to a DVD-RW disc using the Picture Package software supplied with the camcorder. NOTE: This software is not available or supplied with the DCR-DVD92.

    If your DVD playback device cannot recognize the wide mode DVD+RW 8cm format, we recommend that you record using DVD-RW 8cm discs in the future.

    We at Sony apologize for any inconvenience this limitation causes you, and hope you understand that Sony is making this announcement as part of our ongoing commitment to maintain excellent product quality and service.


    Sony Electronics Inc.