Article ID : S1Q0073 / Last Modified : 04/14/2005

Information about DVD+RW 8cm Disc Compatibility

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Dear Valued Sony® DVD Handycam® Camcorder Customer:

We wanted to remind customers that playback of video recorded with DVD Handycam Camcorders cannot be guaranteed on all home DVD players, computer DVD drives, and PlayStation 2 consoles. Some players, drives, and video game consoles lack the ability to read due to the optical reflection standard of DVD+-R/RW 8cm discs and/or due to encoding incompatibilities.

Sony has identified a specific compatibility issue to which we want to alert customers. It affects the playback of content recorded on DVD+RW 8cm discs using the following Sony DVD Handycam Camcorders:

  • DCR-DVD7
  • DCR-DVD92
  • DCR-DVD103
  • DCR-DVD203
  • DCR-DVD403

We have identified certain Sony products that cannot play back content recorded on this DVD+RW media. Other non-Sony branded playback devices may be affected as well. Please check with your device manufacturer for any incompatibility issues.

Sony Products Affected:

  • DVD Recorders:
    • RDR-HX900
    • RDR-GX300
  • DVD Players:
    • DVP-FX1
    • DVP-F5
    • All models released before 2000
  • VAIO® Computers and Peripherals
    • All models released before May, 2004 (except the PCGA-DDRW1)

There are two options available to play back content recorded on DVD+RW discs in the above-listed Sony products. These options are as follows:

  • Connect the Sony DVD Handycam Camcorder directly to the television and use it as the playback device.
  • If you have a personal computer, rewrite the recorded content to a DVD-RW disc using the Picture Package software supplied with the camcorder. NOTE: This software is not available or supplied with the DCR-DVD92.
  • If your DVD playback device cannot recognize DVD+RW 8cm discs, we recommend that you attempt to record using DVD-RW 8cm discs in the future.

Sony is making this announcement as part of our ongoing commitment to maintain excellent product quality and service. Thank you.


Sony Electronics Inc.