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No sound with an XM-1ES or XM-5ES amplifier

    Originally Posted: 07/21/2023

    Dear valued Sony customer,

    The XM-1ES and XM-5ES amplifiers were designed with a protection feature so that when the audio system is played at high volume in certain circumstances, the amplifier's protection mode is triggered. The amplifier won't turn back on until it is reset.

    This issue may occur in some high level input installations (i.e., where the XM-1ES or XM-5ES is installed with factory installed radios) or other types of installations.

    Reset the amplifier

    1. Turn off the audio system, and then turn off the vehicle
    2. Restart the vehicle to reset the amplifier
    3. Turn on the audio system


    Although the XM-1ES and XM-5ES amplifiers were designed with the protection feature, some end users are unaware of this feature. We are redesigning the amplifiers to better align with end users' actual use. We will have redesigned amplifiers available around August 2023.

    Subject to the Limited Warranty that accompanies the product, until August 2024, you may return your XM-1ES or XM-5ES amplifier to the Sony Authorized Retailer where you purchased it or exchange your amplifier for a redesigned unit when they become available.

     Contact the Product Support team  if you have any questions.