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How to find my lost Bluetooth headphones or earbuds

    Bluetooth® devices with Find My Device technology can be located and emit sounds (excluding headphones) within a short distance when connected to a compatible Android™ device. For optimal performance, we suggest using the Google™ Find My Device app applicable to your device. Check your product's Help Guide to verify compatibility.

    Find my device

    Note: The instructions for using the Google Find My Device app may vary due to updates.

    Android smartphone and tablet devices:

    1. Download the Find My Device app from the Google Play™ Store.
    2. Follow the steps:
      1. Turn on the Bluetooth device.
      2. Pair it with your Android smartphone or tablet.
        Note: For location purposes, this is required before you open the Find My Device app.
      3. With the Bluetooth device powered on and paired, open the Find My Device app on your Android device.
      4. If the Bluetooth headphones or earbuds are paired with the Android device and have Find My technology, then they will appear in the app.

      5. Tap your device on the list.

      6. The app will find your location.

    3. If a device is turned off after being located, the app will display its last known location.

    Apple® iPhone® or iPad® devices:

    1. The Find My app for Apple devices isn't compatible with Sony headphones and earbuds.