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Noise canceling effect of my wireless in-ear headphones isn't sufficient

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If the noise canceling function of your WF-1000XM3 isn't sufficient, check the following:

  • Make sure the noise canceling function is on. Tap the headphone unit until you hear the Noise-canceling voice prompt.
    • If you only use one headphone unit and enable the Google Assistant feature, make sure to use the unit assigned to Google Assistant. You can change the settings using the Headphones Connect app.
  • Replace the earbuds.
    • Noise-canceling isn't effective if your headphones don't fit your ears properly. Select the appropriate size earbud that minimizes the ambient noise.
      • Don't pinch the end of the earbud when you remove it.

        Remove earbuds

      • Attach the earbuds all the way. Make sure they aren't loose.

        Insert earbuds

  • Adjust the position of your headphones to get a secure fit.
    • Slightly twist the headphones to enable the earbud to settle in your ear canal.

      Twist earbuds

    • You may also pull the upper part of your ear while you rotate your headphones.

      Rotate headphones

  • Make sure to turn off the Adaptive Sound Control setting in the Headphones Connect app.
    • Adaptive Sound Control automatically sets the Ambient Sound and Noise Canceling settings depending on your activity.