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There is no sound from the center or rear surround speakers for the Home Theatre (HT) system.

    If there is no sound from one or more of the rear surround speakers for your model of HT system (see the Products section below), ensure that all of the speakers, including the front, center, subwoofer and rear speakers, are securely plugged into the back of the HT system and that the speakers are connected according to the hookup diagram found in the supplied operating instructions.

    These HT systems are S-AIR™ wireless capable, which transmits sound between the S-AIR components wirelessly. In order to take full advantage of the S-AIR wireless features, the following products can be used in conjunction with your HT system:

    • WAHT-SA1 Wireless Surround Amplifier
    • AIR-SA10 Wireless Receiver/Speaker package

    If these S-AIR products did not come supplied with your HT system, they can be purchased separately. Click here for additional details on which S-AIR products are compatible with your system or you may wish to visit the Sony® eSupport Web site.

    Depending on the source, audio may not be output from all speakers. To activate the surround sound functionality, select one of the pre-programmed decoding modes using the following steps:

    1. Press the SYSTEM MENU button.
    2. Press the UP or DOWN arrow repeatedly until DEC. MODE appears in the front display.
    3. Press the SELECT [FIG.1] button on the remote control.
    4. Press the UP or DOWN arrow repeatedly to select PLII or PLII MUSIC.
    5. Press the SELECT button on the remote control once more.
    6. Press the SYSTEM MENU button to exit the menu.

    If there is still no sound from the rear speakers after you have completed the above, follow these steps for additional troubleshooting.