Article ID : 00015434 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to perform a soft reset procedure.

    There are two different types of reset procedure on the tablet: a soft reset and a factory data (or hard) reset. The soft reset just closes all open Apps, stops all active processes and restarts the tablet. The factory data reset procedure will erase all user data from the internal storage, including all added Google and other email accounts, system and application settings, and all downloaded applications or books.

    To perform a soft reset procedure, use the end of a paperclip (or similar sized object) and gently press the Reset button, located on the right side of the tablet (as viewed from the front). Image

    NOTE:  A red tablet LED indicator light will blink twice to indicate the Reset button was pressed properly. If this did not happen, repeat the soft reset procedure until you see the LED indicator light blink twice.

    The tablet will turn off. Press the power button to turn it back on, completing the soft reset.

    Most tablet issues can be resolved with just a soft reset. If issues still persist after a soft reset, it may be necessary to perform a factory data reset .