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How to change the brightness or contrast of the Reader Digital Book.

    A page that is hard to read, such as a scanned or color document, can be made more readable by adjusting the brightness and contrast of your Reader™ device. Follow these steps:

    1. Open the book or particular page.
    2. Press the Image(Menu) button.
    3. Tap on Customize view. Image
    4. In the Customize view menu, tap Adjust View. Image
    5. The following options are available: Image

      Here is a description of what each option does:

      • Original: Displays the page in the original quality.
      • Saturated: Improves readability by emphasizing contrast.
      • Details: Backlight compensation; brings up details in a dark area.
      • Brighter: Increases the brightness.
      • Darker: Decreases the brightness.
      • Custom: Allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness manually.

        NOTE: To select Custom, tap custom. To adjust the custom settings, tap the tool box located next to that option Image and drag the controls to the desired brightness and contrast.

    6. To apply the settings tap anywhere on the screen.