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How to transfer music files from the OpenMG Jukebox software to the handheld.

    1. Insert a properly formatted MagicGate™ Memory Stick® media into the handheld.

      NOTE: The MagicGate Memory Stick media is white.

    2. Connect the handheld to an available USB port on the computer.
    3. On the computer, start the OpenMG Jukebox software.
    4. On the handheld, tap the Home icon. Image
    5. In the Applications Launcher window, in the upper-right corner, tap the down arrow and then tap to select All.
    6. Tap the Audio Player icon.
    7. In the Audio Player application, tap the Menu icon.
    8. On the menu bar, tap Options.
    9. On the Options menu, tap Transfer.


      • The handheld will be in transfer mode.
      • Do not remove the Memory Stick media during this process. If the Memory Stick media is removed during the transfer process, it may be necessary to reinstall the OpenMG software to transfer music.
      • The first time the handheld is put into transfer mode, the device driver for the Memory Stick media will be installed. If the device driver is not installed, the Memory Stick media will not be recognized by the OpenMG software.
    10. On the computer, in the OpenMG Jukebox window, click to select the Check-In/Out tab.
    11. On the Check-In/Out tab, click to select the desired songs to transfer from an available playlist.
    12. Click to select the Out button.
    13. After the transfer is complete, on the handheld, in the Transfer Mode screen, tap the Exit button.

      NOTE: After the Audio Player application scans the MagicGate Memory Stick media, music will be recognized and playable from the handheld.