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Connect and Set Up the IR Blaster of a LocationFree TV

    The IR Blaster sends commands to control your external device, such as a DVD Player or Digital Video Recorder (DVR), just like a remote control. Connect the IR Blaster to the back of the LocationFree® Base Station, and then position the head of the IR Blaster near the IR receiver on your DVD, or DVR. Try to position the blaster head near the IR logo, which is usually found at the front of your DVD/DVR player.

    Connecting the IR Blaster

    1. Power off the Base Station of the LocationFree TV.
    2. Connect the IR Blaster to the IR Blaster port of the Base Station.

      connect ir blaster

    3. Position the IR Blaster above the IR sensor of the external device.

      Note: The IR sensor location on external devices vary from one device to another. If you don't know the IR sensor location, refer to your external device's manual.

      ir blaster

    Configure the LocationFree TV Settings

    1. Power on the Base Station, and the monitor.

      Note: At this point, it doesn't matter if the external device is powered on, or off.

    2. Use the stylus to touch anywhere on the monitor screen.
    3. Select Settings.


    4. In the TV/VIDEO screen, select Remote Settings.

      remote settings

    5. Select the video input (VIDEO 1, or VIDEO 2) where your external device is connected to.
    6. Select a Make and Type appropriate for your device.

      brand type


      • If the external device is programmed correctly, it should power on and off when you select the Power button on the screen.
      • If the external device doesn't respond, make sure that the make and type of the device you selected is correct.
      • Some buttons may not work through the IR Blaster on some devices.
      • Some external devices don't have a Power button. In this case, check other buttons, such as the Channel buttons, to test if the device was programmed correctly.