Article ID : 00092678 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to send images and MP4 movies from a Handycam to a mobile device using One-touch sharing.

    You can connect your camera to an NFC™ enabled mobile device and transfer images displayed on the camera screen directly with just one-touch without the need for complicated settings by following the steps below:


    • The NFC function on the mobile device must be enabled.
    • The airplane mode should be turned off on the mobile device.
    • The sleep and lock-screen functions of the mobile device must be disabled.
    • The latest version of the PlayMemories Mobile™ app must be installed on your mobile device.
    • The Image(NFC mark) must be displayed on the LCD screen of the Handycam® camcorder.
    • This app is not guaranteed to work with all mobile devices.
    • Send to Smartphone is not available when MP4 movies or still images have not been saved on the Handycam camcorder.
    • Refer to the instructions manual supplied with the camera for the file formats supported by the One-touch sharing feature. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • Follow the steps below to import images on a memory card.
      1. Insert the memory card to the Handycam camcorder.
      2. Select memory card in the Media Select option (models with the internal memory only).
    • For the latest supported operating systems, refer to the download page of PlayMemories Mobile app.
    1. Press the Imagebutton on the Handycam camcorder to enter the playback mode.
    2. On the LCD monitor, display the image you want to transfer.
    3. Touch the mobile device to the Handycam camcorder for 1-2 seconds until the PlayMemories Mobile app launches.
      NOTE: The position of the NFC mark on the Handycam camcorder may differ depending on the model. Refer to the instructions manual supplied with the camera. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    4. Image transfer will then start.

    5. Image

      NOTE: The transferred images will be stored in the Gallery or Album folder on an Android™ mobile device or Album folder on an iPhone® mobile digital device or iPad® mobile digital device.