Article ID : 00114722 / Last Modified : 06/30/2020

My TV isn't detected as a Google Chromecast built-in device or the connection fails during casting

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Possible symptoms

    • The Android TV™ device isn't detected as a Google™ Chromecast™ built-in device.
    • The Cast icon isn't displayed on the mobile device.
    • The Cast icon is available on the mobile device and the TV model is detected, but Cast doesn't work.
    • Error There was a problem connecting to XXX-XXXXX (Model name) appears and the connection fails even though the Cast icon is available on the mobile device and the TV model is detected.

    Troubleshooting steps

    Check if the Google Chromecast built-in function works after completing each step.

    1. Connect the mobile device and your TV to the same network.
      • If you are using a dual-band wireless router, make sure your devices are connected to the same frequency.
    2. Depending on your Android TV menu options, make sure that the Google Chromecast built-in app is enabled.

    3. Clear data on Cast function apps, Android System WebView and Google Chromecast built-in.

    4. Reset your TV.
    5. Restart the mobile device.
      • Note: Turn off the device, wait 1-2 minutes, and then turn it back on.
    6. Make sure your TV has the latest software update. Downloads are posted on your model support page.
    7. Uninstall updates for Android System WebView and Google Chromecast built-in.

    8. From My Apps in the Google Play Store, update all of the apps installed on the TV to the latest version.
    9. Set the correct date and time on your TV.
    10. Terminate the Google Chromecast built-in enabled app on the mobile device and then restart it.
      • Note: For details on how to terminate and restart apps, refer to the instruction manual of your mobile device.
    11. Restart the wireless router.