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Prevent Water Damage to Your Wireless Earbuds

    Following these guidelines can help you prevent water damage to your WF-1000X Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds:


    • The limited warranty doesn't apply to water damage.
    • If the internal components have severe water damage, repair may not be possible.


    • The following earbud locations may allow water to enter:

      Space where water can enter

    • Don't operate the earbuds with wet hands.
    • Don't leave the earbuds in a humid location for long periods of time.
    • Avoid using the earbuds in an environment where it may get wet, such as the bathroom.
    • Water can enter your earbuds by capillary action.

    • Repeated exposure to small amounts of water, such as condensation or humidity, may corrode the internal components over time.

    Possible Causes of Water Damage

    Exposure to the following conditions may cause water damage. 

    • Operating the earbuds in the rain.


    • Handling earbuds with wet hands.

      Wet Hands

    • Accidentally spilling a drink on the earbuds.


    • Washing your clothes with the earbuds in the pockets.


    • Accidentally dropping the earbuds in water.


    • Leaving the earbuds inside a pocket while perspiring or during a workout.


    • Leaving the earbuds inside a bag near a cooled beverage.


    • Condensation can form on the earbuds if your environment temperature or humidity changes drastically, such as moving from a well-cooled room to outside where it's hot, or moving from a heated, humid room to outside where it's cold.
      • If you notice condensation on your device, don't turn it on until it is fully dry.

    Examples of Corrosion

    • Corrosion of the terminals:
      • The charging terminals of the earbuds can show blue-colored corrosion (copper rust).

        Terminal Corrosion

    • Corrosion of the charging case:
      • Placing wet earbuds in the charging case can cause blue-colored corrosion (copper rust) on the terminals.

        Charging Case Corrosion