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Using the Touch Sensor Control Panel of the Wireless Headphones

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Your wireless headphones have a touch sensor control located on the right part of your headphones that you can tap or swipe to listen to ambient sound and control music playback and phone calls without using the buttons.

    Touch sensor control panel

    Listen to Ambient Sound (Quick Attention Mode)

    This function makes it easier and convenient for you to hear ambient sound (such as airplane announcements or make conversations when you shop), without the need to remove your headphones or lower the volume of the music you're playing, phone calls, and ringtones. To activate this function, cover the entire touch sensor control panel with your hand, or watch this on how to do it.

    Correct operation example

    • This function is only active while you touch the panel.
    • If you want to end it, remove your hand from the touch sensor control panel.
    • The touch sensor control panel may not work if it's not completely covered, or if your hand isn't in contact with it.

      Incorrect operation example

    Audio Control (Music Playback Operation)

    This function allows you operate your wireless headphones during music playback when you connect a Bluetooth® device that supports Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Watch this or follow the instructions below:

    Note: The available functions may vary depending on your Bluetooth device. Check the manual supplied with your device for more information.

    • Double tap to play or pause.
    • Swipe forward for next track.
    • Swipe backward for previous track.
    • Swipe forward and hold to fast-forward.
      • Release at your desired playback point.
      • It takes a while until fast-forwarding starts.
    • Swipe backward and hold to fast-reverse.
      • Release at your desired playback point.
      • It takes a while until fast-reversing starts.
    • Swipe up repeatedly to increase volume
    • Swipe down repeatedly to decrease volume

    Phone Call Functions

    You can also control your phone calls using the touch sensor control panel if your mobile phone supports Hands-free Profile (HFP) or Headset Profile (HSP). Watch this , or double tap the center of the touch sensor control panel to perform the following operations:

    Note: The available functions may vary depending on your mobile phone. Check the manual supplied with your mobile phone for more information.

    • Cancel an outgoing call
    • Receive an incoming call
    • Finish an ongoing call