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How to set the correct time on the Walkman

    To set the Walkman to the correct time follow any of the methods below :

    • Connect the Walkman® to the network to set the correct time automatically:
      1. Swipe the Home screen upwards.
      2. Select (Settings) → SystemAutomatic Date & time.
      3. Turn on Wi-Fi® to connect to the network, then the time will be adjusted correctly.


      • Even if Wi-Fi is turned on, the Walkman will not display the correct time if it is not connected to the network.
      • If you follow the above steps and the time is still not correct, the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to get a good connection. Change location and try again.

    • Set the date and time manually:

      ​Select (Settings) → SystemDate & Time, and then set the correct date and time using the Set date and Set time options.