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The fingerprint sensor on the Xperia 5 sometimes doesn't work properly

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    You may experience that the fingerprint sensor on your Xperia® 5 doesn't respond in a satisfactory way.
    Register your fingerprint again.
    Touch the sensor with your finger at the same area where you unlock the screen, and be sure to use the same grip you usually would.
    You should not move your finger widely, regardless of the animation UI on the screen.
    Tip: For Xperia 5 users, in the software version 55.2.A.4.47, there were implemented improvements for the fingerprint sensor recognition. Please update the software in your Xperia 5 to version 55.2.A.4.47 or higher and then re-register your fingerprints again.

    To register your fingerprint again

    1. Clean the fingerprint sensor gently with a clean and dry cloth.
    2. Tap SettingsSecurityFingerprint Manager.
    3. Re-enter your PIN or password.
    4. Delete all registered fingerprints.
    5. Tap Add fingerprint and register your fingerprint.

      Good fingerprint registration with areas together on the sensor to register fingerprint by each touchBad fingerprint registration with spaces between each touch

    You can register up to five fingerprints. If the issue still occurs, try to add the same finger to Finger 2, 3, 4, or 5, but tap in a slightly different location on the sensor.

    1. Tap Add fingerprint, register the same finger to Finger 2, 3, 4, or 5.
    2. Shift the location of your finger taps slightly from the registered position as seen below:

      First fingerprint registration with tap pattern in the middle and more tap pattern near the right

      Note: You can also try rotating your finger 90° and then register it.

      first fingerprint registration with vertical tap pattern in the middle and horizontal tap pattern