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How to use Smart Lock to keep my device unlocked?

    Valid for

    • Android™ 10 or higher

    The Smart Lock feature unlocks your device automatically in certain situations. You can set your device to unlock, for example, when it's connected to a Bluetooth® device or carrying it with you.

    To prepare your device to unlock automatically, perform the following steps:

    • Make sure you have an active Internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi® connection, to limit data traffic charges
    • Make sure that all your apps are updated using the Play Store™ application to ensure that the Google Play™ services app is updated. An up-to-date Google Play™ services app lets you use the latest Smart Lock features.
    • Enable Smart Lock
    • Set when you want your device to unlock automatically by selecting a Smart Lock type

    Smart Lock types

    • On-body detection - Keeps your device unlocked when you're carrying it.
    • Trusted places - Keeps your device unlocked when you're in a trusted location.
    • Trusted devices - Keep your device unlocked when a trusted Bluetooth device is connected.

    Enable Smart Lock

    1. Make sure you've set a pattern, PIN, or password for your screen lock.
    2. Find and tap SettingsSecurity → (More security settings) → Trust agents.
    3. Drag the slider beside Smart Lock (Google)/Extend Unlock (Android 14) to the right.
    4. Tap the back arrow next to Trust agents.
    5. Find and tap Smart Lock/Extend Unlock (Android 14).
    6. Enter your pattern, PIN, or password. You must enter this screen lock whenever you want to change your Smart Lock settings.
    7. Select a Smart Lock type and follow the on-screen instructions to enable it.


    • The Smart Lock feature may only be available in some markets, countries, or regions. Also, remember that Smart Lock as a security feature is less secure than a pattern, PIN, or password.
    • Google™ develops the Smart Lock feature, and the exact functionality may change over time due to updates from Google.