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Safeguard the WI-SP510 and avoid liquid damage by sealing the USB-cover

    The WI-SP510 has an IPX5 rating, which means it’s protected against splashes and sweat, ideal for working out.

    To maintain this IPX5 rating, the USB Type-C charging port needs to be covered correctly. If the lid is not tightly secured, liquid might get inside, and cause the unit to malfunction and damage your headphones.

    As you can see on the image below, you should check if the lid completely covers the USB Type-C® port. By leaving a corner unsealed, liquids could find its way into your device.
    lid completely open - lid completely closed - corner of lid lifted slightly


    • Make sure the USB Type-C port lid is tightly closed to avoid exposure to moisture or liquid.
    • The USB Type-C port lid must be completely closed to maintain water resistant performance in accordance with the IPX5 in IEC standards.
    • Charging the USB Type-C port with moisture or liquid remaining in the area may corrode the port and cause fire, smoke, electrical shock, or other malfunctions.
    • If the USB Type-C port should corrode and require service, it's considered out of warranty.

    Below is an example of liquid damage to the USB Type-C charging port.
    USB Type-C port corroded from liquid damage