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What is 360 Reality Audio?

    360 Reality Audio creates an immersive music experience that lulls you into believing you have stepped into a live concert by an artist. It lets you enjoy a full 360-degree audio experience.

    What else do I need to enjoy 360 Reality Audio using 360 Reality Audio capable speaker?
    To enjoy 360 Reality Audio with the wireless speaker, you need the following:

    • A Smartphone
    • A 360 Reality Audio compatible music streaming app
      Note: Please be aware that some of the music content offered in the 360 Reality Audio music streaming app is not 360 Reality Audio compatible.

    Which music streaming services are compatible with 360 Reality Audio?
    Follow these steps to display the streaming services that provide 360 Reality Audio content in your country:

    1. Open the Sony | Music Center app, and then select the speaker.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select About 360 Reality Audio.
    4. Select Next.

    How to play 360 Reality Audio music using the Wireless Speaker
    Follow these steps to play the music that supports 360 Reality Audio:

    1. On your smartphone, install a streaming service app that provides 360 Reality Audio content.
    2. Connect the speaker to the same Wi-Fi® network as the smartphone.
    3. Select 360 Reality Audio compatible music, and then cast (play) it to the speaker.
      Note: You can't play 360 Reality Audio music using a Bluetooth® connection.

    For further information, refer to the 360 Reality Audio website.