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The 360 Reality Audio icon is not displayed even when I cast (play) music

    Check the following to troubleshoot this issue:

    • Check that the music you are playing is compatible with 360 Reality Audio.
      Note: Please be aware that some of the music content offered in the 360 Reality Audio music streaming app isn't 360 Reality Audio compatible.
    • Check that the smartphone and the speaker are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
      Note: You can't play 360 Reality Audio music using a Bluetooth connection.
    • When you cast 360 Reality Audio music using the Amazon Music HD service, select 3D Audio music in the Amazon Music app, and then tap the circle icon that represents the device.
      Note: If you tap the square icon , the music is cast via Chromecast built-in and can't be played using the 360 Reality Audio feature.

    Connect to device screen indicating the device name in the Amazon Music app

    • A: Chromecast built-in device name (2-channel playback available)
      Note: This icon will be displayed only for Android apps.
    • B: Amazon Alexa device name (360 Reality Audio playback available)