What do you need in order to setup a wireless network?

    Once you've chosen the type of network (wired or wireless) for your home, your will need the following basic network hardware:

    Modem: Connects your Internet service to your computer so you can surf the Internet and access your e-mail. Depending upon what type of broadband service you have, you must purchase or rent either a DSL or cable modem.
    Wireless Router: This is considered the heart of your network and is the device that routes all the traffic to and from the Internet to the various computers on your network. It lets you share files and printers between networked computers, and provides a basic layer of security from Internet threats.
    High-speed Internet Connection (either DSL or cable): You can purchase High-speed Internet service from your local telephone (for DSL) or cable company. Both types of connections are considerably faster than dial-up access. High-speed Internet is also commonly referred to as broadband.
    Network Adapter: Allows your computers to connect to the network. You VAIO® computer may come standard with an Ethernet port and/or wireless adapter.

    How to setup a wireless network?

    1. Plug in the DSL/Cable modem to the DSL/Cable cable.
    2. Using an Ethernet cable, connect the wireless router to the DSL/Cable modem.
    3. Using an Ethernet cable, connect the VAIO computer to wireless router
    a. Your setup should look like this:

    4. Configure wireless router using the computer (consult wireless router for specific instructions).
    a. Make note of the wireless router's SSID
    b. Make note of the wireless router's Encryption type
    c. Make note of the wireless router's passkey.

    5. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and connect to the wireless router using your wireless adapter.