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Can't Connect Other Devices to My Soundbar Through Bluetooth Connection

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    Follow these steps if you're connecting a different device (such as a mobile device) using the Bluetooth® function for the first time and the connection fails:

    1. On your soundbar, press and hold the BLUETOOTH button for two seconds.
      • Your soundbar enters the pairing mode.
      • The Bluetooth indicator flashes quickly.

        Bluetooth indicator flashing

    2. Perform pairing registration on the device you want to connect.
      • Check the device manul for more information.
      • If the device requests a passkey, enter 0000.
      • The connection is established if the Bluetooth indicator on your soundbar lights in blue.


    • The connection fails because your soundbar remembers the last device you connected to it.
    • If you reconnect a previously paired device, you'll need to perform pairing registration on that device again.