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How to transfer content from a computer to the Walkman player

    Follow these steps to transfer content from a computer to the Walkman® player.

    1. Connect the computer and the Walkman using the included USB type‑C® cable.

      Note: If the Walkman and the computer are connected with a USB type‑C to USB type‑C cable, transferring content may fail. If your computer doesn't have a USB type‑A port and you need to connect the devices with a USB type‑C to a USB type‑C cable, try the following steps to transfer the content.

      1. Start the Music Center for PC software.
      2. Select (Menu) → ToolsSettingsDevice Transfer.
      3. Under Transfer mode, select Auto assign transfer: The file will always be converted to AAC format and then transferred, then select OK.
      4. Transfer the content to the Walkman using Music Center for PC software.
    2. When the Use USB for menu appears on the Walkman screen, select File TransferOK.

      If the Use USB for menu doesn't appear, check the following.

      • Unlock the Walkman screen.
      • Swipe the Home screen upwards and then tap the menu items in the following order, SettingsConnected devicesUSB.
      • Make sure that the cable is securely connected to the computer.
      • A transfer may not be possible when using a USB hub. Make sure the USB type‑C cable is connected directly to the computer's USB port.
    3. Transfer the content from the computer to the Walkman.

      Note: For how to transfer the content, refer to the appropriate section on the Help Guide of your model:

      • Transferring content from a Windows® computer using Music Center for PC (Windows) software
      • Transferring content using a Mac® computer
    4. If transferring the content fails, the Walkman player or SD™ card may not have sufficient space. Follow these steps to check for available space on the Walkman player or the SD card:

      • For NW-A100/ZX500 Series, NW-WM1AM2, NW-WM1ZM2: Swipe the Home screen upwards → select SettingsStorage, and then you can check the available storage capacity of the Walkman player or SD card (if inserted).
      • For NW-A300/ZX700 Series: Swipe the Home screen upwards, → select SettingsStorage.
        If you are using the SD card, swipe the Home screen upwards. → select SettingsStorageThis Device, and then select your SD card name.

      Note: Watch the video for how to transfer content:

      • NW-A300/ZX700 Series
      • NW-WM1AM2/NW-WM1ZM2 -
      • NW-A100/ZX500 Series -