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The Sound Mode indicator doesn't light up in cyan even when I play music with a 360 Reality Audio compatible streaming app

    Check the following to troubleshoot this issue:

    • Check that the music you are playing is compatible with 360 Reality Audio.
      Note:  Some of the music content offered in the 360 Reality Audio music streaming app is not 360 Reality Audio compatible.
    • Check that the smartphone and the speaker are connected to the same Wi-Fi® network.
      Note:  You can't play 360 Reality Audio music using a Bluetooth® connection.
    • Make sure that the Wireless Speaker is updated to the latest version.
    • When you cast 360 Reality Audio music using the Amazon Music Unlimited service, select 3D Audio music in the Amazon Music™ app*, and then tap the source device.
      Amazon Music app screen to select a device - indicated as A (square icon) or B (circle icon) from top to bottom.
      A: Chromecast built-in device name (360 Reality Audio playback available)
      Note: This icon appears only for Android apps.

      B: Amazon Alexa device name (360 Reality Audio playback available)

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